Durden is a desktop environment for the Arcan Display Server. It serves both as a reference showcase on how to take advantage of some of the features in Arcan, and as a very competent entry to the advanced-user side of the desktop environment spectrum. The basic premise is to absorb most, if not all, features from current desktop environments in a modular and configurable way - then let user selected profiles actually cherry- pick the configuration, visuals and tunning that reflects the desktop the user wants or is familiar with. Internally, it is based around a file-system like structure ("the menu") and everything else is references to paths within this structure. Development is discussed on IRC @ irc.freenode.net, #arcan - while issues are tracked at the github page for now.

Although the videos in the playlist above cover some of the current features and a quick walkthrough of the basic use, please refer to the links in the menu for a more detailed description of features, their purpose, use and upcoming enhancements.


27 Sep 2018 » Durden 0.5 released
30 Dec 2017 » Durden 0.4 released
22 Sep 2017 » Durden 0.3 released
02 Sep 2016 » Durden 0.2 released