Default Keybindings

If you look into the keybindings.lua file, you can see the default keybindings that gets pushed into the database at first setup. After that point, the arcan_db tool should be used to modify the custk_ and custg_ keybindings.

(m1 = meta1, m2 = meta2)

key-combo action
m1 return spawn a new terminal
m1 d show launch target menu
m1 c cycle active display
m1 g global menu
m1 h target menu
m1 arrow-right select window relative-right
m1 arrow-up select window relative-up
m1 arrow-left select window relative-left
m1 arrow-down select window relative-down
m1 m2 h swap with window relative-left
m1 m2 j swap with window relative-up
m1 m2 k swap with window relative-down
m1 m2 l swap with window relative-right
m1 m2 TAB set workspace mode TILE or switch tile-horiz/tile-vert
m1 t set workspace mode TABBED
m1 r set workspace mode FULLSCREEN
m1 m2 y set workspace mode FLOAT
m1 m merge/collapse tree-nodes in TILE
m2 LEFT move window negative-X in FLOAT
m2 RIGHT move window positive-X in FLOAT
m2 UP move window negative-Y in FLOAT
m2 DOWN move window positive-Y in FLOAT
m1 0..9 switch to workspace (num)
m1 m2 0..9 reassign selected window to workspace (num)
m1 m2 r rename workspace

System Keys

The system keys are used in durden- UI interaction like the menu or binding bars and are defined on the level of keysyms (symtable.lua).

symbol action
MENU meta-1
RSHIFT meta-2
RETURN accept
ESCAPE cancel
UP next
DOWN previous
HOME move caret to beginning of input
END move caret to end of input
LEFT move caret one character left
RIGHT move caret one character right
DELETE delete character after caret
BACKSPACE delete character before caret

Future Changes

  • Move keybindings into devmaps and allow switching sets at runtime