Timers can be accessed from the global/settings/timers menus and are used to add delayed, periodic or on-idle triggered menu path bindings. Internally, it is used for things like polling external IPC (timer name: status_control).

You can list, suspend or cancel currently active timers through the global/settings/timers/suspend or delete paths.

The different timer types are:

  • Periodic : repeat every n seconds
  • Once : wait n seconds, activate then remove
  • Idle : after n seconds of inactivity, run path
  • Idle-Once : after n seconds of activity, run path then remove

The idle timers are useful for things like activating lock-screen, power-save behavior and so on. Two actions are bound to a timer and you can bind one action on activation, and another on inactivation.

It is also possible to temporary disable idle timers via the global/settings/timers/block or unblock idle paths. Useful when you have media playback in fullscreen and do not want idle- timers to interfere.

Future Changes

  • Better precision
  • Absolute time support